The Long Run View

Here at, when it comes to Mobile Applications, we believe in 2 basic principles:

  1. Building exciting Apps that are useful to people and help them solve real world problems.
  2. Supporting our users with daily updates to our Apps, focusing on the continual development, and long term growth of every App we build.

Our mission is to reach as many people as possible with our ideas and creations.  If you have an idea that you want to share with our team, Contact Us using our form.

It’s Time to StudyUp! has partnered with LongRunApps to create a mobile application for StudyUp users.  This app is Supported for all iOS and Android phones and tablets.  Users can now bring their phone or tablet to class and take advantage of being able to record a class lecture.  Users can also add notes by typing or writing on the screen, while the lecture is being recorded.

The recordings and notes from classes can then be automatically uploaded to a user’s existing StudyUp profile for review and safe storage.  The files are also stored on a user’s device for as long as desired, for review or modification.  Users can also get live updates using the “Feed” button, and see what their Study Buddies have been uploading to StudyUp.  Get ready to study smarter with the brand new Free StudyUp App!

My Legal Forms

At some point in your life, you will undoubtedly come across a situation where some sort of legal form is required.  Whether it is purchasing a vehicle, buying a house, or creating a will, lawyers and legal forms will be a part of your life one day for certain - like it or not! My Legal Forms was created with that in mind; taking the pain out of dealing with legal matters!

The LongRunApps team meticulously collected thousands of legal form templates, and assembled them in a cool new App for iOS and Android.  Now with the tap of your finger, you have access to absolutely any type of legal form you may require - business or personal.  You are instantly ready to print, e-mail, and share any form you select.  With My Legal Forms on your side, get ready to save hundreds, if not thousands of dollars in legal fees.

My Diet Match

Most people dieting are not aware that there are over 500 different types of diets out there to choose from.  How do you know which diet is right for you, when you are not even aware of most of the diets plans that exist today?  My Diet Match has created a unique and interesting approach to exploring the complex world of diet plans for iOS and Android u.

One thing most people on diets can agree on is that food is the make or break component of any diet program.  The fact is that any given diet program will succeed or fail based largely on a person’s adherence to the diet plan and recommended foods associated with that diet.  Now you can search for diet plans that include foods or recipes that you simply can’t live without.  From low carb to low fat, discover all the different diet plans out there that let you eat all the foods you love to eat!

America’s Hottest Girls & Sexy Babes

Thanks to all our faithful fans for your picture submissions.  America’s Hottest Girls is sure to be the next greatest App of it’s kind.  We separated your pictures into categories, and then created a cool “Scratching Game” with all your awesome pics - just as we promised!  You can scratch sections of the pic and tease yourself as you reveal the super sexy model underneath!

Tap and swipe your way through over 150 sexy ladies.  Watch a slideshow of the babes once you have successfully scratched all of the pictures in each category.  All of these babes can now become your wallpaper on your phone or tablet with the tap of a finger.  Share the pics with friends, or keep them all to yourself.  We will be adding a new “Hottest Pic of The Week” each and every week, so it’s worth checking back frequently!